Yore Town Advisory Committee

We’re in the process of creating an advisory committee to help create the most robust and useful oral history site we can offer local communities. We anticipate a committee of approximately ten members, and welcome anyone interested to email Sharon Hill at communitynewspapers@gmail.com. Historians / history educators , radio and TV executives and accounting professionals especially welcome.

Committee members so far:

  • Perri Collins, Communications Director, Arizona Newspapers Association, www.ananews.com
  • Dee Dees, personal historian,  author,  and speaker, www.LifeStoryLady.com
  • Cathy Droz, co-owner, www.TwoForTheRoadUSA.com, former auto ad agency exec, talk show host
  • Laurie Hosken – recently was vendor manager for DHL, proficient Web writer and editor,  former call center supervisor. http://www.linkedin.com/in/lauriehosken
  • Amy Rabinovitz, marketing consultant and media guru, http://getrealmarketing.blogspot.com
  • Sue Stenberg,  recruitment specialist whose career began with CareerPath (precursor of Careerbuilder) and included Directorship of Business Development for Knight Ridder and of Classifieds for Variety. http://www.linkedin.com/in/suestenberg
  • Stephen Stout, former Marketing Manager for Cox Communications and news editor for Scottsdale and East Valley Tribunes.
  • Mel Taylor,  local media consultant and online revenue strategist , www.meltaylor.wordpress.com
  • Jim Townsend,  news and Web guru, Editorial Director for The AIM Group media consultancy.  www.aimgroup.com
  • John Zappe, long time Internet and recruitment specialist, former online executive for Los Angeles Newspaper Group, writer/editor for media consultancy Classified Intelligence, and current media consultant.

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