Wall of Welcome

Wall of Welcome mosaic

Wall of Welcome mosaic


  At Future Perfect, the oral history workshop put on by Baylor University’s Institute of Oral History, Director Stephen Sloan turned the floor over to several attendees.  Susan and Rob Burneson, residents of the Crestview area of Austin Texas, talked about their neighborhood’s one-year-old mosaic wall of local history.

 “Crestview was founded in the 1950’s, but the first residents are leaving or dying,” Susan told us. “New families are moving in who don’t know the area history. So we decided to do a documentary about the Wall of Welcome dedication. We added the personal histories of many residents and the history of the neighborhood.” All the interviews were recorded as videos, with the aid of wireless microphones. 

“We had no idea how long it was going to take us to edit the film,” Rob said. “While many were shorter, one interview was 2.5 hours long. It was really cathartic for that woman to tell her story.”  DVD copies of all the interviews conducted by the Crestview collaborators have been donated to a local history center and library.  The Wall of Welcome has gotten much play locally and around the country.

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