NASA Oral History Projects

nasa  The U.S. National Aeronautical and Space Administration, (NASA) was represented at the Baylor University digitizing oral history workshop.

Rebecca Wright, History Coordinator for NASA’s Johnson Space Center, talked about the science program’s oral history ventures, begun in1997.

“We completed 3040 audio interviews each year, some with video, thanks to the help from the NASA public affairs office,” she said. “That office has makeup people, lights, camera and action – the whole bit.”  The NASA oral history devotees worked in teams of two – one to run the audio, the other to conduct the interview. 

“We have completed specialized programs such as the Columbia Recovery Project, where we talked to accident recovery people from all over the country,” Wright said.  In 2002 the NASA interviews went online. With the help of outside funding, Wright and her team are converting the CDs to digital wave files.  

From NASA’s Johnson Space Center Web site you can view an amazing array of stories, including historic space flight video.

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