If U Owned the Local Yore Town

For media companies, city or county governments, museums or other local community and historic agencies, the Yore Town social history platform, www yoretown.com, due to launch this fall,  might be the perfect way to serve your c0nstituents, and perhaps even make considerable money in the process. We also welcome “Yorepreneurs” – entrepreneurs  who’d like to license the local Yore Town platform.

Here are the licensee features we are working on right now:

  • Plenty of advertising and sponsorship opportunities for revenue – see the User Features for further info.
  • A back end/admin access that shows traffic by feature, page and time period.
  • A marketing page with promo advertisements, broadcast commercial ideas and other marketing suggestions
  • Authority levels for the staff. Licensees choose who gets what authority and assign and reassign without requiring help of Yore Town corporate.
  • FAQs  – Access to typical licensee questions, corporate answers.
  •  The ability to moderate and block comments or specific contributors (or moderate ALL comments, if they choose to do so, though we don’t recommend that.)
  • The ability to block advertisers for credit, and users for inappropriateness.
  • Display of  rate cards/advertising packages, and the ability to change same at will.
  •  Access to media forum, according to authority level as decided by licensee administrator.
  • The ability for local administrator to upload trivia contest questions, with or without prizes ; and to recognize winners. (would have to register and answer demographic questions to be eligible for prizes.)
  • Linking to Yore Town from advertiser/sponsor sites.
  • Badges for Yore Town users, coding to be available for blogs, profiles on social sites.

We’re also working on some collaborations for the Premium level of licensing that might offer additional sales training, marketing and even ongoing content.

For more info, write to yoretown@gmail.com .

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