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Yore Town’s innovation comes first from being a valuable community service – one that almost compels local schools, government agencies and other non-profits to take part, and one that invites local business to be part of the fabric of the community.  The inclusion of Wiki-contributed content and oral history/personal stories is an element that is lacking in current community sites and blogs.   We anticipate the following initial features, with more to come as we brainstorm with our committed beta site executives. 


  •  The Yore Town Tour – A map of the area by decade, probably including the oldest bar in town as the central location. Every town has one – you walk in and see memorabilia and old photos on the wall : celebrities who stopped by,  former residents.  Visitors will be able to play some simple FREE mini games, such as pool and poker. As they play they get points. The points buy them things like additional avatars, their own home (from a choice of templates) their own car (from a choice of avatars), and era-specific home furnishings.

·         Yore Community Center –  Primarily to avoid the issues of caregivers of adolescent users not wanting children to visit the bar and play poker, we’ll have a Yore Community Center, where there could be the same game concept, but for local trivia or some sort of history lesson game. This is something we might flesh out later on an upgrade but initially I’d like it to offer the same prize plan as the bar – for homes and additional avatars.   

·         Yore Town Library – historic books (links, e-editions, PDFs.) Reviews and ratings of the various materials here.   

·         Real estate brokers and associated business such as mortgage lenders could sponsor the “Yore House” page where people tell the history of their home. The local museum, housed in an historic ancestral home, might talk of that, for example. A tour of local celebrity homes, and an interview with their owners who talk about their own history, could be sponsored by local businesses. If the celebrity is an on-air personality, for example, the station might advertise – or perhaps one of the local universities offering broadcast career training.  This could allow for real estate listings through embedding, links, wraps, and so forth – as the site’s media owner chose.  It could aggregate all information related to a particular location, for example, and perhaps tell the story of a home for sale. “3421 Martin Ave. was the house my dad built. “And someone else – “We lived there 1985-1988. We added the room above the garage.” 


·         Yore Schools would be a strong focus, especially focused on school sports, with community contributions of game photos and play-by-play and online congratulations by family, friends, neighbors, coaches, fellow students, and so forth.  Last night game photos could be contrasted, for example, with the reminiscences and photos of local sports heroes of the past, or maybe even a photo or conversation about a player’s dad or mom and the sports they took part in at the same school. Schools might post old yearbook photos, for example. We’ll enable contests, perhaps a “How many of these 1952 graduates can you identify?” This would open up the possibility of sponsorship sales and contest prizes donated by local retailers and other organizations. Again, if there is something already on the site that is pertinent, the program will  recognize that and bring the material together.

·         Mobile and e-mail features – Contributors will be able to upload their texts, photos and videos from smart phones and PDAs, and receive mobile and e-mail alerts about contributions to their chosen topics.  At some point – determined by each site’s media owner – contributors would register and be asked to opt-in. 

·         Local media coverage of historyrelated events could move to Yore Town, enabling staff and community coverage, and community conversations about their attendance at the events and what the event and the story behind it meant to them personally. See Yore News below.


·         Yore Jobs – This will be a place for people to talk about their jobs – an inside look at how the local military base came into being and their part in it, e.g. ;  what it was like being a long distance operator in the 1940’s,  and perhaps even a former or current newspaper owner employee talking about the old printing press procedures. This could link to or have housed here, the current employment ads. It might also be a place for a columnist to talk about transition – we used to do it this way, we’re doing it this way now and here is what it will be like in the future.    

·         Yore Market – We’ll enable coupons here. We’ll reach out to the local retailers and say, “Would you like to post one of your old ads, and offer such and such product at the “Prices of Yore”?  We might even upload any old jingles. I can see the local MacDonald’s running its very first jingle, for example.  Another place where radio collaboration would work well. This might also lead to a “name that product” jingle contest, with local retailer or organization prizes. This might be a great way to give away tickets to a local crafts or historic event and generate marketing for it.  This will  tie in with Yore Town Tour.  Retailers on the map will be able to take travelers to their Yore Market coupon.

·         Mapping, for tours and events.   

·         Yore News – This will be a same day news feature – the old “this day in history” but with a local flavor. We’llalso include upcoming events here, allowing anyone to contribute, including pertinent press releases.  We also envision working out discount tickets for Yore Town patrons through collaboration with event organizers. This might work for Yore Market as well. ICould be as simple as an affiliation – someone sees the promo on Yore Town and their linking from Yore Town to the event owner or merchant site would automatically initiate the Yore Town discount.

  • User Blogs– Housed on each registered user’s Personal Profile page

·         Do You Know Yore Town? A trivia contest, with Web, e-mail or mobile entries. This will be housed in the Community Center.

·         SEARCH – by keyword, date range, or locale as city or zip (so visitors can go back and forth when more areas join).

·         Yore Classifieds – A way to include classified line advertising if the local owner chooses to do so. It could include the collectibles and memorabilia classifications , and link/aggregate back and forth for all classifications. We’ll have Collectibles, Antiques, Restoration, Memoir/Ghost Writing, Photography/Videography, and Genealogy  as defaults, but allow the local media owner to easily create their own classifications, and to link back and forth between their own classifieds on their parent site and Yore Town..


 Emphasis throughout Yore Town will be on family, on community, and on reaching every demographic and age group.

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